Pelle & Yrsa


Flyttade in hos mig  dec 2007. Då hade hon redan fått sin svans amputerad pga att den var svårt skadad när hon fångades in av katthemmet som jag köpte henne från.

Moved in with me in dec 2007. She had had her tail amputated as it was badly injured when she was captured by the cat organisation I bought her from.  She is a feral but now used to have someone who she can order around.

RIP Pelle

Flyttade in hos oss april 2009 efter att ha sprungit utanför huset i flera månader. Jag visste inget om kaniner, så det var bara att sätta sig in i kaninernas värld. Och en sak jag snabbt lärde mig var att kaniner kan dö av allt. Så i början var jag alltid orolig för en massa saker.

Pelle flyttade ganska snart från den bur som stod i köket till vardagsrummet där han sprang fritt. Visserligen bara på mattor, han gillade inte de hala golven, så det fanns mattor utlagda så han kunde röra sig runt i lägenheten.

Moved in with us in april 2009. He had then been outside for several months. I knew nothing about rabbits, and went through all litterature and the net for info so today I know a bit more. One thing was clear after just a few days and that was that rabbits can die for almost no reason. In the beginning I was always worried. In the beginning he lived in a rabbit-cage, but pretty soon he was running as he liked. Couldn’t stand having him caged. But he prefered moving around on mats as he didn’t like the wooden floors as they were too slippery.

On Tuesday 24 of September 2013 Pelle passed away and is no longer in pain. He’d been ill for a while and the vet’s couldn’t tell much more than that he had calcium in his urine. He was a fighter and I thought we was beating whatever it was, but something happened and I don’t understand what it was that made him worse.

I miss you Pelle and you will always have your special room in my heart. RIP Pelle.

Pelle (RIP) & Yrsa


18 Responses to Pelle & Yrsa

  1. Pelle & Yrsa are pets I would enjoy having in my home. Wonder how Sugarbritches, Ms Vicki (the dog) and these two would get along? Thanks for stopping by my blog. So you like the black colors? Notice I am partial to yellow-red.
    Lane Cockrell

    • Pelle & Yrsa thank you for the invite, they are flattered, but say they like it here.
      Yes, it would be interresting to see how the 4 would interact.
      Not very well I belive 🙂 I know Yrsa would hide under the bed, Pelle would probably just freeze. But he can get quite aggressive too, so…

      Thanks for visiting!

  2. catfest says:

    Cute! Glad to find a fellow rescuer 🙂 I was partial to black, myself, when looking to adopt, but ended up with all other colors 😛

    • Thank you Catfest 🙂
      For some reason most of my cats have been black. I must attract black, because I have’n looked for black.
      As for Pelle I saw him sitting on the grass outside one dark friday evening when I came home. At first I thought it was some lump someone had tossed at the lawn, but as I came closer I saw the lump moved . So I didn’t choose him. Sometimes I wonder if he choosed me. But I guess that would be to take things too far.
      Thank you for visiting!

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  4. The Cat says:

    What a nice blog and I love the Woollen toys Ullisar or Woolies. I tweeted the Ullisar piece to all of my friends on Twitter I am sure that they will want them to play with.

    I was wondering do you find it difficult to write first in your natural language and then English? I find it difficult sometimes but then fewer people know how to speak Cat than Swedish, which I think is the reason why lots of your letters are decorated so prettily, so I just gave up writing in Cat.


    The Cat

    • Thank you The Cat! First time I’ve been tweeted 🙂
      Well, english is my secondary language and it’s ok if I can use a dictionary at times. But to be honest I sometimes don’t even find the right words in my own language – how can I ever translate a word I don’t find? That is a problem 🙂

      Tweeted your site now 🙂 I don’t have many followers though as I’m very new at tweeting.

      Thanks again!

  5. Candace says:

    Lotta, your 2 black pets are very cute. Thank you for visiting my blog.


  6. Admiralhestorb says:

    I am so happy to find your website and learn more about you. I so enjoy your Tweets and seeing you there.

  7. Admiralhestorb says:

    I am at
    also. My mom that is.

  8. Admiralhestorb says:

    A pleasure to visit my sweet furiend. xxoo

  9. rumpydog says:

    See? All creatures can get along and live in harmony!

  10. jimmie chew says:

    SOOOO cute! we have one blk cat Darnel, he rules the house!

    • Helia Sepidar says:

      Sooooooooo lovely!Thank you so much dear Lotta for your kindness & support Yrsa & Pelle. I am sure they are happy & satisfied in your house.How interesting that both of them are black!

      • Thank you for your nice comment Helia! I do love them and I hope they find their lives nice enough. By the greetings I get in most mornings I belive they are content. 🙂

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