Yes, it’s a good name for it.

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Veganism Is Animal Welfare

Interesting article. Yes, we all need to act and react to the wrong doings committed to other species as well as to our own species. I can’t say I’m very active, but I do at least try to spread the word about what’s happening behind the walls. You watch the cute chicken they show in the commercials when it’s Easter and think “cute”, I think of all the chickens grinded. A cow eating grass? I see a cow being tortured inside a barn before she is pushed into her killers. and it goes on, and on, and on… no animal (humans included) is safe from what humans can do to them…  I don’t consider myself left wing, yet I agree to a lot of what they say/want. The more I get informed on how things work in the world the more I tend to take a step to the left.

Veganism Is Animal Welfare.


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Urgent help needed – Obrenovac animals in flood

/ May 19 2014 23:30

“Shelter Drazevac is located close to the Obrenovac city that suffered terrible damage during the flood catastrophe that is still ongoing. Vesna and her animals are safe but we urgently need food, as Vesna is trying to save every live animal found in Obrenovac.”

They urgently need food, medications and water.

Please support the shelter if you can: Gofundme

Here is n update by Pets Are Worth Saving (4 hours ago) May 19 2014 23:30:
“Dogs rescued so far: link to Milica Petrović Ex Popović on Facebook
Vesna now has 160 dogs! Food, water and medication are urgently needed.”

You can also help by sharing the fund-raising. Any help is appreciated, nothing is too small!

Thank you for caring!

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Some reviews and info on the book “Mutant Message Down Under” by Marlo Morgan

A former college suggested I should read a book and I ordered it from the library. After 3-4 weeks I asked if the book had arrived, and now it was on its way. Finally it arrived and I started reading. I was thrilled, loved what I read. I was about to recommend the book to another person and searched for the english title. I found it. But I also found other information about the book. I haven’t finished the book yet, as the info made me annoyed and sad. But I’ve decided to finish it anyway. Below is two links with info:

Helping Yourself: Fabrication of Aboriginal Culture   By Cath Ellis

Morgan’s Mutant Fantasy: A critique of Marlo Morgan’s book Mutant Message Down Under  By Chris Sitka (Napaltjarri)

I belive it’s good to always question what you hear and read, but I never questioned the book as she wrote in the edition I have that one can read it as a fiction. So she doesn’t say the story is true but doesn’t deny its authenticity either. Yet I’m a bit disappointed. But please read the book, but do read at least the link above “Morgan’s Mutant Fantasy: A critique of Marlo Morgan’s book Mutant Message Down Under”, where a lot of good info about the aboriginal culture and customs is to be found.

Here is a third link: Documentary Film: The Secret Country: The First Australians Fight Back

Here is a link to a letter where Burnum Burnum retract his letter in the end of the book: Burnum Burnum Retraction  Linked from:  ” Radio interview With Marlo Morgan “

I finished the book today, Sunday 18th of May. It is sad she wasn’t honest from the beginning, now I had to alter my mind from believing this was a documentary to learn it was fiction. Well, she’s at least a story-teller.

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Demanding cat

It’s important to train your staff! This cat teaches how it’s done:

How to get good service by Cat in Demand


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Vegomässan 2013 i Malmö

Snart dags för årets Veganmässa som kommer att hållas i Malmö den 7 december, med start 10:00 och den håller på hela dagen till 18:00.

Läs mer på Vegomässan’s hemsida som uppdateras dagligen, så följ den om du inte vill missa något kul.

Du missade väl inte denna uppdatering: “Ta bussen till grisarnas värld”

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B12 vitaminbrist

Mer bra info om B12 brist, symptom mm B12 vitaminbrist
Visserligen into för veganer men bra info.

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Vitamin B12 – Kobalamin

Bra info om B12  Vitamin B12 – Kobalamin


Bra för

Vitamin B12 behövs för produktion av röda blodkroppar, för hjärtat, nervsystemets funktion, håret, cellernas ämnesomsättning, celldelningen, bildandet av proteiner samt tillverkningen av DNA.

Vitamin B12 är inblandad i produktionen av olika signalämnen, exempelvis dopamin och serotonin, se hormoner.

Symptom vid brist

Längre brist på vitamin B12 kan leda till svår blodbrist (anemi) och nervskador, även depression, synproblem och minnesstörningar kan förekomma. Bristsymtom kan vara hjärtklappning, hjärt och kärlsjukdomar, trötthet,  andfåddhet, blekhet, allmän svaghet och andnöd, inlärningssvårigheter, munsår, irriterad röd tunga, känselbortfall, stickningar i händer och fötter, yrsel, öronsus, illamående, matleda och diarré.


Vitamin B12 lagras i levern och återanvänds och symtom vid brist kan visa sig först efter 5 år eller mer.”

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Vegan and the necessity of B12

A fb friend posted this very good info about B12 today the 27th of Aug 2013

Vitamin B12 in the Vegan Diet 

excerpt: “Vitamin B12 is needed for cell division and blood formation. Neither plants nor animals make vitamin B12. Bacteria are responsible for producing vitamin B12. Animals get their vitamin B12 from eating foods contaminated with vitamin B12 and then the animal becomes a source of vitamin B12. Plant foods do not contain vitamin B12 except when they are contaminated by microorganisms or have vitamin B12 added to them. Thus, vegans need to look to fortified foods or supplements to get vitamin B12 in their diet. Although recommendations for vitamin B12 are very small, a vitamin B12 deficiency is a very serious problem leading ultimately to irreversible nerve damage. Prudent vegans will include sources of vitamin B12 in their diets. Vitamin B12 is especially important in pregnancy and lactation and for infants and children.” Please read more on the link above.

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Culture of Abuse – Summary

I just came across this interesting info at about the Culture of Abuse.

Excerpt from Wikipedia on the subject Animal Abuse:
“Animal abuse
Main article: Cruelty to animals
See also: :Category:Cruelty to animals

Animal abuse is the infliction of suffering or harm upon animals, other than humans, for purposes other than self-defense. More narrowly, it can be harm for specific gain, such as killing animals for fur. Diverging viewpoints are held by jurisdictions throughout the world.”
Source: Wikipedia

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