Veganism Is Animal Welfare

Interesting article. Yes, we all need to act and react to the wrong doings committed to other species as well as to our own species. I can’t say I’m very active, but I do at least try to spread the word about what’s happening behind the walls. You watch the cute chicken they show in the commercials when it’s Easter and think “cute”, I think of all the chickens grinded. A cow eating grass? I see a cow being tortured inside a barn before she is pushed into her killers. and it goes on, and on, and on… no animal (humans included) is safe from what humans can do to them…  I don’t consider myself left wing, yet I agree to a lot of what they say/want. The more I get informed on how things work in the world the more I tend to take a step to the left.

Veganism Is Animal Welfare.


About Lotta's Corner

Female vegan animal lover who believe environmental issues are important.
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