Help Moustache – sexually abused and traumatized dog

HELP Moustache recover from the trauma!
This is Moustache s sad story…
April 1, 2012
A few days ago he was a happy dog, very gentle and playful. He was not afraid of people and from time to time he slept at a neighbour, especially when it was cold outside.

Saturday morning he was found lying on one side, not moving at all and, with low temperature. He was taken to the doctor and the verdict was that such an anal trauma can have no medical explanation. The dog was sexually abused and hit. After the X-ray the doctors found a hernia that could have been caused by a powerful blow. He will be operated as soon as he comes out of the shock.
Since it was found, he is in shock. He only wants to drink a little water and doesn’t want to get up or go out. When we tried to move and take him outside to do his needs, he did them instantly on himself because of fear and/or pain. He was given a painkiller and an anti-inflammatory shot. In the area there are several homeless people by some abandoned cars, almost always drunk. Unfortunately you cannot take action based on guesses and without witnesses.

When he will be fully recovered we will start looking for a quiet home where he will receive care, love and protection.

7 April 2012
We named him Moustache…Today he was neutered and his tail needed to be amputated, because of the injury. The bad news is that mustache shows no signs that he is recovering from psychological trauma. We do not know how much time it will take for him to recover, but hopefully that will happen soon.

12 April 2012
Moustache was released from the vet today. Meanwhile, he proved to be an educated dog. He only does his needs outside, knows how to walk on a leash, and appreciates comfort. With time and patience he come back to being the confident dog he was one time. It is true that he was no tail anymore, but hopefully this will be considered a handicap that will prevent him from being adopted. In conclusion, Moustache is a dog that will not trouble anyone. If you want it adopt him, please send mail to

PLEASE help us pay the debt at the vet clinic and the treatments for Moustache. Please share his story and hopefully he will find soon a loving and safe family.
For more info/adoption write us at:

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