Help Pom Pom and Bella to find a caring 4ever home

Please help these lovely 9 month old kittens. At the moment in a foster home but need to find a caring 4ever home.
Female sisters. Spayed Vaccinated and FIV/FeLV negative

This is Bella & Pom Poms Biography from their FB page:

“Hi, we are Pom Pom and Bella, kitten sisters who were rescued from the street life as part of a Trap-Neuter-Return project in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. We are so happy to be off the street and spoiled rotten in our foster home, but we’d really like a home to call our own! Here’s what our foster mom has to say about us:

Pom Pom’s enchanting good looks coupled with Bella’s humorous charm make this dynamic duo the perfect addition to any family! But what makes them in need of an extra special home is Bella’s disfigurement. She needs someone to embrace her goofiness just like she has!

Bella had been living on the street with a serious injury to her face for nearly a month when she and Pom Pom were trapped on January 29, 2011. Bella is missing the upper lip, most teeth, and part of the lower eyelid on the left side of her face. Multiple surgeries have stablized the injury and she should lead a perfectly normal life!

Bella is a kitten with a ton of personality — she loves to “talk” and greets you with a “Hello” chirp when you come home, wake up, or otherwise enter her world. The conversation continues until she is appeased with some head scratching and possibly a belly rub. This snuggler inches herself into any comfortable position on you while drowning out your protests with a deafening purr.

Pom Pom’s elegance is the perfect complement to Bella’s irrisistable quirkiness. Her exotic looks and graceful movements lend her a regal quality that is nothing short of mesmerizing. While she cannot compete with Bella’s level of affection, Pom Pom is nonetheless a purring machine who enjoys attention in a more reserved manner.

These girls are full of boundless kitten energy and love to play — with each other, with people or with toys. They provide endless entertainment for themselves and those who watch or interact with them during playtime!”

Blog with both pictures and videos at Life with Cats blog

Pictures of Bella’s recovery.

Article on the Bensonhurst blog


Please help spread the word! These girls deserve a caring 4ever home.

Thank you for reading this!

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