Pelle washing himself

With the videos below I want to show how thorough Pelle is when cleaning himself.
Unfortunately the camera memory ended before he was finished so there are 4 sequences.
He had still not finished his cleaning act, but I think this is enough.

Sometimes Yrsa and Pelle do this simultaneously 🙂 Yrsa at the window sill and Pelle at his favourite place under the little table.

Well, no need to watch all of them maybe, but I put up all four as I still was on it.

No1 (1:31 min)

No2 (4:54 min)

No 3 (1:10 min)

No 4 (0:17 min)

About Lotta's Corner

Female vegan animal lover who believe environmental issues are important.
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2 Responses to Pelle washing himself

  1. Wazeau says:

    Gorgeous rabbit! His eyes really are set off by the black fur.

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