Thunder and lightning 2011-06-06

We had heavy weather last night. There was an estimate of 5 000 lightnings in Skåne according to SMHI (Swedish Weather Forecast)
I was terrified. My worry was because of how I can rescue Yrsa and Pelle. No way I could pick Yrsa up in case lightning hit the house. She is still “half” feral and will not let me pick her up. I’m happy to get to pet her when feeding and when (hrmmm) I goto the toilet (I guess she find I’m no threat to her while sitting there).

I was surprised that neither of them seemed scared.

What can I do if lightning hits the house?
This afternoon they even warn for thrombus. I live right under the rooftop, 4th floor.
I do not need to watch scary movies, I need to move… But is there any safe place on earth? I don’t think so.

About Lotta's Corner

Female vegan animal lover who believe environmental issues are important.
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