Homer’s Odyssey by Gwen Cooper

Finished reading the book tonight. This book got it all: cats, humor, facts, philosophy, horror, tension and love. And above all a great love for cats . It is also well written with a vivid and lively language.

When I got to the middle of the book I thought I had to slow down reading, I didn’t want the book to end. And at almost the end I got so worried, it was a terrifying chapter, I had to stop reading for a while. I think I know why I got so tense right there, but I won’t go into it as I don’t want to reveal the content before you read it. Because I do hope you will, if you don’t have already.

Homer is an outstanding cat, I’m very happy to have had the pleasure to get to know him and his family.

All in all: I love Homer’s Odyssey.

About the author: Gwen Cooper

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1 Response to Homer’s Odyssey by Gwen Cooper

  1. John says:

    Love the book! Gwen Cooper is the best.

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