Moon Bears in Asia needs help

“Up to 15,000 Moon Bears are trapped on bear bile farms across Asia in torturous conditions being milked for their bile. They are captured in the wild, or some are bred in captivity, and used in bear bile farming in China, Vietnam, Korea and Laos.”

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Also have a look att this YouTube clip Maggie Q’s CSA.|Please sign the Online Petition »

OVERVIEW (from the Petition site at

Gui ZhenTang Pharmaceutical Company, a Chinese bear bile producer in Fujian Province, has been preparing to get listed on the Chinese stock market to expand its bear farming and bile manufacturing activities. The company has about 470 bears under its control and is now looking to scale up to thousands of bears. In the past week or so, there has been huge uproar and anger among the Chinese Internet community regarding this. Some in China have suggested that the public listing of the company should not be allowed as it will not be in the public interest.

The bear farming industry is extremely cruel. In order to facilitate bile extraction, the bears undergo an invasive surgical procedure where a permanent wound is created in their gall bladder and abdominal wall. The infected wound, and repeated attempts at bile extraction, causes great suffering to the bears and this, together with the lifelong cage confinement, results in serious physical and psychological damage, and ultimately an agonising death.

China is the only country that allows the legal existence of this cruel industry, and this has caused and will continue to cause damage in the international community to the standing and image of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Chinese people and China, a huge stain on their reputation.

Today, driven by profit, bear farmers are expanding the scale of their industry, engaging in illegal export of bile, and the number of bears on farms has greatly increased in recent years. However, as China develops a more civilised society, an increasing percentage of the population is rejecting the presence of the farming industry and the sale of bear bile within their communities. In recent years, the Chinese Government has issued regulations limiting the development of the industry and the usage of bear bile.

Apart from the pains and sufferings caused to the bears, the products from the bear farming industry may also threaten the health and lives of consumers. The abdominal wounds of the bears are permanently exposed to an unsterile environment, and the extraction procedure causes increased infection of this wound, and within the gall bladder and surrounding organs such as the liver. Consequently, the bear farmers are forced to use a significant amount of antibiotics to treat the infection and diseases thus caused.

Please sign the petition (and please ask your friends too) to the Chinese securities and other releant regulatory authorities to urge them not to approve the public listing of Gui Zhen Tang, helping to stop the cruelty and make bear farming a thing of the past!

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