Pelle in the hey

Happy easter!

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About Lotta's Corner

Female vegan animal lover who believe environmental issues are important.
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4 Responses to Pelle in the hey

  1. Zura says:

    you’re so cute, Pelle… Watcha doing out there? Playing hide n seek or you got something to eat… 🙂

    Lotta, how old are she/he?

    • Hello Zura,
      Pelle is probably +3 yrs old now, his official day of birth is 2 december 2007. He moved in with us 2 years ago.
      And I do think he’s the cutest rabbit I’ve ever seen 🙂 A mothers heart talking.
      More about Pelle: Pelle&Yrsa

      Thank you for visiting!

  2. What a beautiful rabbit, thank you for sharing.

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